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For Higher Combustion Performance

NTB burner is a compact design, power-saving, and low-noise burner, which enables less fuel consumption by its enhanced combustion performance.
It achieves an air ratio of 1:1 at maximum combustion with a wide combustible range (Max.1:5) and its optimal air-fuel mixture formation enables stable combustion.

Enhanced Combustion

For Higher Combustion Performance

Low noise & Power saving!

High efficient turbo fan Large-type silencer

Reliable Quality

Burning test on all burners
before shipment

Easy Maintenance!

inspection lid

junction box

WELL - Lex

High Combustion Performance

  • Low air ratio combustion
  • Large Combustion

Precipitation of small volume of Nox

  • Less NOx18ppm

Low acoustic noise

High Combustion Performance

  • T-LEX Burner achieved air ratio 1.2 at maximum combustion with wider combustible range than conventional type and its optimal air-fuel mixture formation realizes stable combustion.

Precipitation of a small volume of Nox (less Nox18ppm)

  • Adopting new theoretics of combustion achieves remarkable Nox emission reduction Compared with our existing products, a 40 % reduction

Low acoustic noise

  • Compared to the conventional type, reduce 5-10 dB(A) Newly designed large size silencer

WELL - Lex

Conventional type

  • Zero emissions of SOx
  • Reduced CO2 emissions

New type

  • Low NOx
  • Low Air Ratio
  • Enlarged combustion range


Hybrid burner was completed.
《Low environmental load + Instantaneously accommodates changes in the market》

Characteristics of the Oil burner

  • Low air-ratio combustion
  • Large combustion
  • Low noise level
  • Space saving
  • Simple control & Safety operation

Characteristics of the Gas burner
(T-LEX Burner)

  • The reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Low NOx
  • Low noise
  • SOx emitted from fuel is "zero"
  • Low environmental load

Gas & Oil Burner

  • To correspond to plant conditions, the fuel type can be selected ( Gas or Oil )
  • Easy switching
  • Can select fuel ( Gas or Oil ) with the changing market, price fluctuations of fuel.

For Higher Heat Efficiency
Cost saving, Low-noise, and Easy maintenance

High heat transfer efficiency improves your fuel consumption

Compared to the conventional type, more segmentalized uniform vailing improves heat transfer efficiency. The durability of the dryer is greatly im­proved by the reduction of radiating heat. The gear-less friction drive achieved low noise operation with much less maintenance.

Heat Efficiency