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Dry Dust Collector - BOND type

Space saving is not the only benefit of this BOND (bag filter on dryer) structure. The heat radiation from the dryer warms the bag house and prevents water condensation in the dust hopper unit, while the bag house keeps off the rain and increases the durability of the dryer.

This BOND structure combines the detached dry cyclone (primary dust collector) and the bag house (secondary dust collector). Heat radiation has been reduced by shortening the smoke-way so that exhaust gas is fed to the bag house at the optimum temperature. This hybrid structure has succeeded in reducing the radiation area by 30%. Meanwhile, combustion efficiency and drum improvements have decreased the speed of the dust passing through the bag filter cloth by 25%.

Wet Dust Collector

The wet dust collector sprays water onto the exhaust gas from the dryer, evaporating the water instantaneously. The vapor, containing considerable dust, is then condensed into drops of water accordingly, which fall and flow into the provided tank.