NP-201, mobile type asphalt mixing plant, traile, NIKKO

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NP-200 Specifications



NP200PT is a mobile-type asphalt mixing plant mounted on a trailer chassis.
The dryer, primary dust collector, exhaust fan, proportioning (weighing) device, mixer, asphalt melting & supplying unit and control panel are mounted on the main chassis. Cold aggregate hoppers and feeders together with a collecting conveyor are mounted on an accessories chassis. A diesel engine generator is mounted on an independent trailer.
A secondary wet-type dust collector and stack are provided as an independent and detachable unit. Cold aggregate charging and hot mix loading belt conveyors are provided as independent units respectively, in order to charge the cold aggregate into the dryer drum and to load the hot mix onto a truck.


Type NP-200PT
Capacity Max.10t/H;
subject to moisture content 5%
inclined dryer
capacity:Max.10 t/H
Burner Pressure fuel atomizing oil burner with auto-ignition.
45 – 130 liters/H
Dust Collection
Primary dry type dust collector Single cyclone
(Optional) Secondary
wet type dust collector
VO Scrubber (Rectangular Venturi type)
Exhaust Fan 90m3/min x 300mmAq (at 100 ºC)
Mixing unit Hot Elevator Centrifugal discharging type bucket elevator
Weighing system  Aggregate (200kg) : Volumetric hopper with level sensor
Asphalt (50liters/min) : Gear pump with preset revolution counter
Mixer Twin shaft pugmill mixer with replaceable wear-resistant paddle tips and liners.
200kgs/batch, 5.5kW x 4P x 1/20
Asphalt Melting and
Supply System
Asphalt kettle Direct heating type, 1000liters
Burner Pressure fuel atomizing oil burner for Light oil (Diesel oil)
Control Control system Out door type
Push button switch and selector switch actuating magnetic contactors
Standard required electric power 37.35kW
Space required (standard)  
Accessories  Cold aggregate storage and feeding unit, trailer type diesel engine generator
Inclined belt conveyor, Hot mix belt conveyor

In response to requests from customers,
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Details of the Asphalt plant

  • Main unit
  • Storage unit
  • Dust collector
  • Combustion unit
  • Aggregate supply unit
  • Control system