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Asphalt Supply System

This system supplies asphalt from the asphalt storage tank to the mixer.
To make a high quality mixture, the amount of asphalt must be weighed and fed accurately. This asphalt supply system provides a steady supply of homogeneous asphalt into the mixer at a uniform temperature.
An asphalt kettle is available (optional) for the particular regions where only drummed asphalt can be supplied.

Hot-Oil Heater

Hot Oil Heater

The hot-oil heater heats up the oil by means of a fully automatic burner to a preset temperature (normally 180℃-210℃).
The heated oil is circulated by the hot-oil circulating pump to keep the asphalt tank, asphalt scale hopper, asphalt spray device, mixer and all pipe lines at a preset temperature.
The control panel for the hot-oil heater consists of the temperature switch, pressure switch, oil tank level switch, 2-point setting temperature controller, and alarm.
An electrical heater is also available (Optional).

Hot Mix Storage Silo

Hot Mix Storage Silo

For rational production and speedy delivery.
A hot-mix storage silo enables efficient plant operation, scheduled production, and exploitation of idle, unproductive time.

  • Anti-deterioration device
  • Strict temperature control
  • Improvement of fuel efficiency

Filler silo (optional)

Filler Silo

In cases where the filler is supplied in bulk, a filler silo is available (optional).