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  • 20m3-45m3
  • 30m3-180m3
  • 60m3-300m3

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Vertical Conveyor (MODERN VERTICAL)
Space-saving and Easy Maintenance

Vertical conveyor

Site area can be reduced by introducing a vertical conveyor for effective use of available land.
Suitable for installation in urban areas, where only little land is available.
Less maintenance is required compared to a conventional inclined belt conveyor.

Head part & Tail part

The head part with Nikko's unique cleaner and scraper and simple structure tail part make for easy daily maintenance.

Vertical part

The vertical part has no roller and is maintenance-free.

Cleaner and scraper

Scraped aggregate will return to the storage bin by a chain conveyor.

Pneumatic conveying system
Simple and highly efficient transportation

  • Simple & compact structure
  • Flexible layout for transportation route

Rotary feeder

Dust collector