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NPAS (Nikko Pure Aqua Station)
Discharged water will be purified by Nikko's advanced technologies.


Automatic water discharge and cleaning system

Vibrating screen

NPAS is a facility designed to process the remaining aggregate, sludge, and waste water that occurs during the washing work of a concrete batching plant and truck mixer for reuse or disposal.
Optimum capacity will be selected depending on the amount of returned concrete, sludge, and waste water.

Standard flow chart

High-performance filter press

  • A maximum of 13 filtration rooms are available for large batch dehydration.
  • The polypropylene filter is superior in durability compared to the steel type and is easily replaced due to its light weight.
  • A high-pressure water jet will clean the filter press automatically.
  • The dehydrated cake contains less than 40% water, and its compressive strength is more than 8N.

Automatic PH neutilizer

  • An automatic PH neutralizer is suitable for continuous neutralization of strong Alkaline wastewater at an RMC factory, precast concrete factory, and construction site.
  • It is easy to assemble, dismantle, and transport due to its unitized structure.
  • Chemicals used are diluted sulfuric acid or diluted hydrochloric acid.