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Deodorization system

Countermeasure to reduce odor from recycle plant

85% of odor at an asphalt plant occurs from the recycle unit.
This deodorization system reduces the odor by processing all exhaust gas from the recycle unit.

Deodorization System


  1. Energy saving
    Better fuel consumption than two burner system.
  2. Space saving
    Three dimensional layout (Burner, fan, heat exchanger, fire pit)


  1. Cost saving
    Compact design due to the fact that the amount of gas is less than half compared to 1 burner type.
  2. Space saving
    Three-dimensional layout (Burner, fan, heat exchanger, fire pit ).
  3. Easy installation to existing recycle system
    Only connecting gas dust is necessary.

Compact Deodrization System


  1. Cost saving
  2. Space saving
    The structure allows the stack to serve as both a stack and retention (deodorizing) chamber.
  3. Easy maintenance
    No heat exchanger and ceramic greatly reduces maintenance work.
  4. Deodorizing temperature can be changed
    Treatment temperature can be set arbitrarily - saving on operation costs.
  5. Easy installation to existing recycle unit